Wi-Fi Alliance Announces WPA3

The Next Generation of Wireless Security

At long last, the Wi-Fi Alliance has announced the next generation of the most popular wireless security protocol, Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3). This is great news as the previous generation of the protocol, WPA2, has been in operation for over 15 years. 

Several problems with the WPA2 protocol have been known for a long time. Open, unencrypted Wi-Fi networks allow anyone connected to the same network to intercept any sent data. Additionally, the recently discovered KRACK (Key Installation Attack) vulnerability makes it possible for attackers to intercept and decrypt wireless traffic passing between a computer and an access point.

"WPA3 will be available later this year."

WPA3 will be available for personal and enterprise wireless products later this year. The new protocol offers new features such as individualized data encryption, protection against brute-force dictionary attacks, simplified security for devices with no user interface for configuring security, and a 192-bit security suite.

In order to use the protocol, new devices must be certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Such a process could potentially take months, but is definitely possible for a mid or late 2018 launch.