Apple Official Cases Aren't Built to Last

Anecdotal experience incoming

One of the many perks of owning an iPhone is the stylish first-party accessoriesApple really does know how to make a smartphone case. Or does it?

I’ve been on the hunt for The One Case to Rule Them All for several years now. Many of my friends and colleagues (including Davis) could tell you I’m always switching phones and/or cases, and I haven’t found the right one in all this time.

Apple Silicone Case

After cycling through literally dozens of Android phones, I thought I’d found the right smartphone/case combination in the iPhone and the Apple Silicone Case. I found myself in an “it was in front of me the whole time” iEureka Moment™ (now available for Apple Watch).

Alas, it was not meant to be. The bottom portion of the soft silicone began to fray from being taken in and out of my pants pocket. It was too good to be true; I had to look elsewhere. Enter: Apple Leather Case.

Apple Leather Case

“Surely this study material will not wither like that soft rubber,” thought the Jake-Man (me). I thought wrong. That veritable Cupertino cowhide picked up the the dyes of my slacks easily, tarnishing my signature garish yellow with the navy blue of my store bought semi formal wear. I'm  trying a third-party bumper case next.

Maybe it was the pants?