LG Iterates Flagship Smartphone with G6+

Hi-Fi DAC, optical finish, and face unlock make their way to the G6

LG, who claims to “never… stop innovating” has announced a revamped version of its LG G6 flagship smartphone. Evidently, the innovative qualities of the Korean tech giant do not extend to its naming schemes, as the product is called the LG G6+.

The G6+ will be available starting next month and will come in four colors: Astro Black, Ice Platinum, Marine Blue, Terra Gold, the latter two of which are new options. All G6+ models will sport an optically finished “lenticular film” not unlike the HTC U11’s “Optical Spectrum Hybrid Deposition.” 

The LG G6+ will also sport High-Res Audio out of the box. Last year’s G5 could play 24-bit sound when fitted with the proper module. Official pricing and availability have yet to be announced, making it uncertain as to whether or not this souped up smartphone will make its way stateside. 

As discussed previously on D&theJM, “early adopters must deal with lesser performance in spite of owning essentially the same product, save these spec bumps.” This is a classic example of loyal customers being burned by the iterative nature of consumer electronics. Fair weather buyers lukewarm towards the G6 have been rewarded for their caution with a better option while LG diehards have been left with an outdated phone just three months after release.