Capcom to Revive Dormant Franchises

Starting with a new Marvel vs Capcom

This year’s PSX showcase has ended with a ton of incredible announcements. Last of Us 2, a Crash Bandicoot reboot and a slew of new trailers rocked the showcase, but none more than Capcom. Capcom has been fairly dormant these past few years, and who can blame them? 

Dwindling sales for recent franchises, along with the disaster that was Street Fighter V’s launch (and Capcom’s anti-piracy rootkit) seemed to have left Capcom struggling to gain market against highly expected titles like Final Fantasy XV. The Japanese developer may have turned that around with two announcements last weekend. 

The first announcement was the release of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 to PS4. Even better, Saturday’s announcement was for the same day release of the game, with Xbox One and PC versions due next year. Capcom followed up with something even better, the next installment in the series, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. A teaser trailer was shown at the event, and which now has over 1.3 million view on YouTube

“A huge change for the series is that teams will now have two characters instead of three.”

The trailer features Mega Man X and Ryu against Iron Man and Captain Marvel (formerly Miss Marvel) in a fight over an infinity stone. A huge change for the series is that teams will now have two characters instead of three. Infinity stones can be used in fights, and might replace X-Factor from previous games. A second gameplay trailer has been released, showing Morrigan and captain America as playable characters.

In a followup interview, Michael Evans from Capcom and Mike Jones from Marvel discussed other gameplay changes. The tag system will now be freeform and much simpler, with the bulk of customization focusing on the infinity stones. Less experienced players shouldn’t be overwhelmed when given the choice of three different assist attacks, or worried that their characters’ hyper combos are out of sync. 

Capcom also promised to bring back other franchises in the announcement, but hasn’t given any details. Marvel vs Capcom Infinity will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC late next year.