Davis's Tech News October 2 - 8

"Davis's Tech News" is a weekly digest of #technews curated by
D&theJM's Senior Technology Correspondent, Davis.

10.09.2016 We’re now up to five reports of “safe” Galaxy Note 7s exploding worldwide
10.06.2016 Odin ransomware takes over from Zepto and Locky
10.06.2016 Cops arrest hundreds of people allegedly involved in IRS phone scam
10.06.2016 Welcome to the machine—Yahoo mail scanning exposes another US spy tool
10.04.2016 Brave browser starts paying Bitcoins to adblocked site
10.04.2016 Apple to “do a Windows 10” by pushing out macOS automatically
10.04.2016 Amazon: no more freebie products in exchange for reviews!
10.03.2016 Digital Homicide withdraws lawsuit against Steam users
10.03.2016 Google Pixel phone listings go live early, offer new press images
10.02.2016 Steam's secret Early Access rules reveal Valve's hands-off approach
09.29.2016 iPhone exploit bounty surges to an eye-popping $1.5 million
09.18.2016 NYPD can’t count cash they’ve seized because it would crash computers

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