Davis's Tech News October 16 - 22

"Davis's Tech News" is a weekly digest of #technews curated by
D&theJM's Senior Technology Correspondent, Davis.

10.20.2016 Your dynamic IP address is now protected personal data under EU law
10.20.2016 Samsung removes YouTube video showing GTA V mod that turns its Note 7 into a bomb
10.20.2016 Here's why DDR4 RAM prices have spiked
10.18.2016 Google Pixel review: The best Android phone, even if it is a little pricey
10.18.2016 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti promise affordable 1080p gaming
10.18.2016 Tech support scammers preying on young Americans, study finds
10.18.2016 10Gbps over telephone lines: XG.fast DSL means we don’t need fibre… yet
10.18.2016 Feds got search warrant demanding anyone’s fingerprints to open phones
10.18.2016 Red Dead Redemption 2 announced, but no PC confirmation for the time being
10.17.2016 $5 million dollars paid as Facebook’s bug bounty program turns 5
10.17.2016 Tesla must not use the term “autopilot,” Germany says
10.17.2016 ‘We have your daughter’: A virtual kidnapping and a mother’s five hours of hell
10.17.2016 Netflix finds users’ passwords floating around online: change yours now!
10.17.2016 US Reps Requesting Further Intel Around Yahoo Surveillance Story

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