Microsoft Goes All-Out with Full-Screen Nagging

With the end of Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrades in sight, the company has decided to make one last push with full-screen prompts to upgrade.

The screen provides four options:
  1. Upgrade to Windows 10 immediately
  2. Be asked again in three days
  3. Ask to be reminded three more times
  4. Opt out of other notifications
The notification will not appear for anyone who has already opted out, made certain tweaks to their registry, or used one of the various tools available online.

I, for one, am glad that Microsoft will soon end its nag campaign. Just last week, a court granted a woman a $10,000 judgment for lost wages and the cost of a new PC (Microsoft wisely dropped the appeal to avoid further litigation costs). Microsoft has deservedly gotten a lot of flack for its annoying tactics, including ruining a gamer’s livestream (warning: the video contains coarse language) and interrupting a weather broadcast.