Microsoft's Redesigned Bing App is Now Available for Android

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is the only real competitor to Google and today it got a massive redesign. The new look sheds the orange-yellow hue of old in favor of a more material design-compliant teal and white motif. But Bing’s app icon isn’t all that’s undergone an overhaul.

Released in fall of last year for iOS, the new Bing app serves as both a Google Now and Google Chrome competitor in that it seeks not just to answer a plethora of questions, but curate content for you much like Now and is a tabbed browser that supports favorites similar to Chrome mobile.

Widely considered to be a failed brand, Internet Explorer was Microsoft’s face in the browser market for nineteen years (1995-2014) before being replaced with the much-improved but iconically similar Edge web browser.

Internet Explorer [left] and Microsoft Edge [right]
Bing, on the other hand, is a moderately successful product with a 20% adoption in domestic markets. It also has begun to turn a profit as of late last year. Wisely, Microsoft has embraced its Bing brand as the envoy for it ecosystem over IE and Edge. With this move, Redmond has struck a calculated blow in its lengthy showdown with Google and its eponymous search engine.